7 Example Marketo Campaigns Using Social Data


Traditionally, marketers are able to get social insights in a marketing automation system at the campaign level. Social media management platforms like Hootsuite, Sprout Social and Oktopost integrations with Marketo and other marketing automation systems. They can tell you who has clicked on your links in your social posts or ads and which links are leading to conversions on your website. There’s also social insights you can get directly in Marketo. Because Marketo and other marketing … [Read more...]

I’m Breaking Up With Email, but I’m Still Maintaining Squatter’s Rights


  My dad can barely use his iPhone. Yes, he went to Princeton for two of his three degrees, but when it comes to knowing things like what emojis are, let alone how to use them, he's pretty much hopeless.  However, I have to give him props.  Several years ago, my luddite father declared “Facebook will replace email.”  I, knowing his ineptitude in the matter, quickly scoffed at his idea - he was simply trying to blame those “young whippersnappers” for disrupting his arcane inbox … [Read more...]

Why Microsoft’s $26.2B Bet on LinkedIn is a Smart Move

Source: WSJ

In the business world, the notion of how we identify business contacts has changed a lot in the past ten or fifteen years. Until the mid-2000s, business contact information has meant a few pieces of data: a name, an email address, a company name and a job title. Back then, we marketed through mass communications tools such as mails, phones and emails. Now, we’re living in the social era. All of us are providing a lot more information about who we are as professionals through social networks … [Read more...]

Socedo Releases Multiple Campaigns Dashboard to Help Marketers Scale Social Demand Generation


Today, we’re excited to be releasing our Multiple Campaigns Dashboard, to provide marketers a much easier way to manage all of their social demand generation campaigns.    In the past, if you wanted to run multiple campaigns,  you’d need to ask for our help to create separate campaigns and then log into each campaign individually to set it up. Now, with the release of the Multiple Campaigns Dashboard, you can configure and manage all of your campaigns and see their results in a single place. … [Read more...]

How social A/B Testing Can Help You Target Potential Customers


Guest post from Karen McCandless, Content Editor from GetApp Unless you’re the Professor Xavier (McAvoy not Stewart) of content marketing, you have no way of knowing exactly how your customers are going to react to your social media posts. It can seem like you’re sending out messages into the abyss and hoping for the best. This is where social media A/B testing can make a difference. According to Socedo research: Leads who engaged with the company’s Twitter handle (follows, mentions … [Read more...]

Why Interactive Content Is Great for Social Lead Nurture

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 5.10.44 PM

Guest post from Ashley Taylor Anderson from Ceros Social media can be a great channel for acquiring top-of-funnel leads. But one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced with social leads is effectively nurturing them to sales readiness. Often times, social leads take a long time to mosey down the funnel—and that means there’s a lot more time for them to lose interest along the way. While there’s no magic formula to solve the social lead nurture equation, there is an easy place to start when … [Read more...]

The True ROI of Content Marketing Algorithm

ROI of Content 1

This is a guest post from Meegan Rucker, Digital Marketing Manager at Full Circle. Great marketing proves its own value. However, when it comes to content marketing, the ROI can seem elusive and undefined. Most blog posts and articles only drive a few direct conversions, if any, yet all marketers know the importance of a robust content strategy to drive awareness, thought leadership, SEO, and lead nurturing. Some content goes stale after a week, while other rich pieces are relevant for years. … [Read more...]

Five Strategies to Improve the Quality of Your Sales Leads

5 Stratgies sales leads

In our increasingly digital world, there’s no shortage of channels or tactics for generating sales leads today. Chances are your company is investing more in digital marketing than ever before and you’ve collected more data about your prospects than you can digest. You know that your leads are out there, but it’s quite difficult to identify the high value leads from the low value ones. Getting high quality sales leads is a challenge facing the entire B2B marketing industry. According the 2016 … [Read more...]

Repurpose Your Existing Content to Drive New Traffic and Convert More Leads


Like many other companies that take an inbound approach to marketing, we at Socedo are very focused on creating new pieces of educational content on our website on a regularly basis. Our goals for content marketing at Socedo are the same ones that most B2B marketers have: developing relevant content for our audience consistently, making sure that our content reaches everyone who finds it valuable, and making sure that our content helps us get high quality sales leads. According to … [Read more...]

Socedo Study: Socially Engaged Leads Move 25% Faster & Convert 22% Higher

Social Leads

Since the beginning of Socedo, we’ve built our company on the back of our own platform. Through Socedo, we can target people based on real-time social behaviors that indicate buyer interest. We’ve consistently found that Socedo-sourced leads close at a higher rate than leads from other sources. While it’s good to know that Socedo leads close at a higher rate, the more valuable question to answer is this: does social media engagement help leads move faster through the buying cycle and convert … [Read more...]