How the Socedo Marketing Team Comes Up with Marketing Goals


As a fast-growing startup, goal-setting is something we revisit every month. Knowing that goal setting is a challenge for every marketing organization, we’ve opened up the kimono in a recent Socedo University webinar and shared how our marketing team sets goals. Below are the key topics discussed. What’s marketing’s primary job? What’s the north star for the marketing team at Socedo? Aseem Badshah (CEO and acting Head of Marketing): Marketing’s number one job is to provide the fuel for … [Read more...]

Why Social Media is a Weapon in Your Demand Generation Arsenal


Recently, I’ve noticed that demand generation teams and social media teams within B2B marketing organizations operate very differently. For instance, demand generation teams rely on data to inform all of their programs. They use data to create targeted ads, send emails, improve their website, create content and plan for events. They understand the importance of segmentation and personalized communications. Demand generation programs are evaluated based on the number leads they generate and … [Read more...]

Five Strategies to Help Your Marketing Database Stay in Tip Top Shape


As a marketer, your database is your most important asset. Picture the marketing funnel, and you’ll see that data plays an important role at each stage. In order to segment leads into the right nurture programs, you need to know their job title and interests. In order to qualify leads, you need to know that their business is in the right industries to use your product, they’re located in a region your company serves, and they’ve shown enough interest for your sales team to reach out. In order … [Read more...]

Why You Must Identify Cold, Warm and Hot Leads on Twitter


To many B2B marketers, the term “Social Selling” equates to the getting more leads from social networks. However, not all social leads are created equal. Some will be ready to talk to your sales team tomorrow. Others will not buy from you no matter how many times you contact them. Your job as a savvy social marketer is to figure out which social leads are worth your marketing and sales colleagues’ time, and move these leads through your marketing pipeline. Since there are 310 million monthly … [Read more...]

Determining How Many Questions to Ask on Your Landing Page Forms


It’s one of marketing’s biggest catch-22s. You want your landing page form to convert a high percent of visitors, but you only want the qualified ones. You want to ask for enough information to qualify your leads, but you don’t want to scare prospects away with a lengthy submission form. If this dilemma is keeping you up at night, you’re not alone. According to Content Marketing Institute, two of the three most important metrics for B2B marketers this year are sales lead quality (87%) and … [Read more...]

Using Smart Lists to Optimize Your Content for Social Leads


Traditionally, marketers have segmented their database for campaigns based on demographic information like job titles, regions and company size. The problem with this approach is that it treats prospects as homogeneous groups and does not take into consideration where people are in the buyer’s journey. With modern marketing automation systems like Marketo, you can build Smart Lists that allow you to create much more granular audience segments based on their behavior. By creating tighter … [Read more...]

Master Twitter Direct Messages and Responses for Lead Generation

Mastering Twitter

In the past couple of years, Twitter has made several changes to make its platform a more brand friendly place. Earlier this year, Twitter launched a new feature to make it easy for brands to transition from a public tweet to a private Direct Message. In the fall of 2015, Twitter removed the 140-character limit from its direct messages, and then increased their direct messages limit from 250 per day to 1000 per day. Twitter has announced that these changes are intended to help brands provide … [Read more...]

How to Optimize Your Tweets to Generate Quality Leads

How to Optimize Your Tweets

You’ve got a Twitter account and you regularly post content to attract attention to your company, but how do you know whether it’s working? Here are some ways you can be sure you’re creating the kind of content that will generate quality leads – and ways to measure its overall success. Don’t overthink it What really resonates with your target audience? Authenticity. If you share content that means something to you and your brand, it will help attract potential leads who are interested in … [Read more...]

7 Example Marketo Campaigns Using Social Data


Traditionally, marketers are able to get social insights in a marketing automation system at the campaign level. Social media management platforms like Hootsuite, Sprout Social and Oktopost integrations with Marketo and other marketing automation systems. They can tell you who has clicked on your links in your social posts or ads and which links are leading to conversions on your website. There’s also social insights you can get directly in Marketo. Because Marketo and other marketing … [Read more...]

I’m Breaking Up With Email, but I’m Still Maintaining Squatter’s Rights


  My dad can barely use his iPhone. Yes, he went to Princeton for two of his three degrees, but when it comes to knowing things like what emojis are, let alone how to use them, he's pretty much hopeless.  However, I have to give him props.  Several years ago, my luddite father declared “Facebook will replace email.”  I, knowing his ineptitude in the matter, quickly scoffed at his idea - he was simply trying to blame those “young whippersnappers” for disrupting his arcane inbox … [Read more...]