How to Pull Off Remarketing Without Being Annoying

Pull Off remarketing

Remarketing is a buzzword that’s getting tossed around a lot lately, mostly because it seems to work. Marketers have always wanted a more effective way to back in touch with leads who have gone dark and remarketing seems to be the solution. Think about it: If someone goes to the Nordstrom website and looks at a pair of shoes, many times they might decide to wait to purchase them. But having an ad for those specific shoes pop up on that person’s Facebook newsfeed can sometimes be just the … [Read more...]

How to Learn From Your Competitors (and Why)


Guest Post by Kelly Smith   Social media offers a great opportunity for businesses to gain an edge over their competitors. If you're interested in learning what your competition is up to and what they're doing that's working for them, you can take to social media to conduct a little strategic analysis. Here are a few tips for how you can use social media in order to learn from your competitors.   Twitter Lists Instead of digging through page after page of competitor … [Read more...]

How To Write Effective DMs for B2B Outreach

Posts on this blog have, time after time, asserted that social media outreach is an extremely effective way to generate warm leads for you business. And we’re sticking to that! But an important distinction should be made about the different types of leads your business might be targeting. I’m talking about that great dividing line of all businesses: B2B and B2C. B2C companies are targeting consumers themselves, and therefore can take a more direct approach with their outreach. Twitter direct … [Read more...]

Case Study: How GoAnimate Used Socedo to Increase Email Engagement

GoAnimate Case Study

In late June, Socedo rolled out our Enhanced Data Export. The name isn’t sexy, but its capabilities have a sort of animal magnetism. With a few clicks of the mouse, you  can export up to 50 data points per lead, such as Twitter handle, bio, location, company size, engagement level, and even email address. The feature allows you to download the specific data points you find most useful, then upload leads into your CRM system. With all that information, you can customize your follow-up … [Read more...]

The 4 Aspects of a Twitter Profile That Drive Traffic

By now I’m sure you’ve heard all about social media as a source of lead generation. And I’m sure you’ve heard every argument for, or against, a certain platform. After all, each company may find success in a different channel. Twitter is a great place to connect with customers and handle online customer complaints. But it can also provide a great medium for lead generation. We’re here to show you the four most important aspects of a Twitter profile that will help increase followers and … [Read more...]

How to Create a Personalized Customer Experience for eCommerce

How to Create a Personalized Customer Experience for eCommerce

Guest Post by Grégory Beyrouti. eCommerce Market Challenges In today’s environment, companies have to face numerous challenges when it comes to dealing with the eCommerce market. Rather it’s with customers or internal challenges, companies have to be up to date with environmental changes and competitors’ evolutions. The 5 biggest challenges can be summarized this way: Customers are more and more demanding as well as more and more informed. The real challenge here is that companies have … [Read more...]

How to Create an Engaging Image in Less Than 5 Minutes

At first I wanted to title this, “How to Create an Engaging Image in Just One Minute,” but let’s be honest, unless you’re a marketing X-man, that’s impossible. I mean, we’re human; we get distracted, and, more often than not, hit a creative wall. Have no fear though. We have a (realistic) guide to helping you create great images. Step 1: Determine Your Brand Voice and Style A brand voice is something that will be prevalent in everything you publish and should be reflected in the images you … [Read more...]

5 Ways Everyone in E-Commerce Can Leverage DM’s

Twitter is a great place to connect with fans of your brand as well as engaging potential leads. Thousands of conversations happen through friends sharing, colleagues teaching, and businesses connecting. At Socedo, we love harnessing the power of Direct Messaging. However, many people don’t realize how much DM’s can benefit their lead generation efforts. E-commerce companies especially can benefit because they can serve B2B or B2C sectors, but many do not utilize DM’s. Instead, they tend to … [Read more...]

Target Market vs. Actual Market: Nurturing Brand Ambassadors

Nurturing Brand Ambassadors

In order to optimize marketing campaigns for maximum efficiency and ROI, you must know your audience. “Knowing your audience” doesn’t mean making an intelligent guess on their demographics, location and job title. It means speaking their language, knowing their pain points, and the words they use to describe their needs. It’s knowing their thought processes and realizing exactly at what point your product is most valuable to them. This may sound like you’re being asked to read someone’s mind, … [Read more...]

How Marketing Automation Should Affect Your Digital Strategy

Recently we decided to ask a few great minds in the digital marketing world about the most surprising/significant digital marketing trends in 2015 and its implications for 2016. When we did so, there was one answer that particularly stood out. In his own words, here’s what Kevin Thomas Tully told us: “The most significant digital marketing trend in 2015 is the ease of access to, and affordability of marketing automation. According to the Aberdeen Group, “Nearly 70% of businesses are using a … [Read more...]