Twitter’s New 140 Character Updates and How to Take Advantage of it


Since the beginning, Twitter’s most distinct feature has been its 140 Character limit. Over the years, we’ve all developed creative shortcuts to make the most out of those 140 characters. We’re really glad that Twitter has finally made some updates on what counts in those precious 140 characters, giving users more freedom to compose longer tweets. Here is everything you need to know about Twitter’s new 140 characters update: Replies: When replying to a tweet, @names will no longer count … [Read more...]

How to Use Event Data in Your Lead Scoring Model to Convert More Customers


This is a guest blog post by Lynn Langmade from Certain. The majority of B2B marketers consider in-person events to be a demand generation goldmine. Yet, they take a lot of time and resources to pull together and proving ROI for in-person events is often a challenge. What’s great about events is that they allow you to generate a ton of data--buying signals about your prospects. By using this data in your lead scoring model and integrating it into your marketing automation system, you can … [Read more...]

5 Best Practices for Creating Content that Converts


Guest blog from Khalid Saleh is the co-founder and CEO of Invesp CRO. As a B2B marketer, your job isn’t just to get visitors to your site; it’s also to convert those visitors into leads and customers. I’ve seen this first hand - businesses spend thousands of dollars creating and spreading content only to see conversion rates in the low single digits. Fortunately, a few simple best practices can easily help you create content and copy that converts. It doesn’t matter whether you’re … [Read more...]

Learn How Best in Class B2B Marketers Use Social Media [New Study]


These days, every B2B marketing organization is investing in social media marketing. But new research has found that the effectiveness of these efforts is all over the map. In fact, only 29% of B2B marketers say that their ROI is inline or above expectations. Here at Socedo, we’ve partnered with Demand Metric, a research and advisory firm focused on B2B marketing technology, to discover: what best practices are B2B marketers using to get measurable results from social media? Based on 475 … [Read more...]

How Socedo Implemented Real-Time Marketing Using Social Lead Monitoring


For the past several years, the catch phrase “real-time marketing” has been tossed around casually in marketing circles. While the term “real-time marketing” has had multiple different meanings over time in the media, marketers still think of web personalization for the most part. At Socedo, when we talk about real-time marketing, we’re talking about the ability to send a specific call-to-action or offer at the exact moment when it would be most effective, based on an action that a lead … [Read more...]

New Research on B2B Buyers that Marketers Need to Pay Attention To


As B2B marketers, the better we understand our target buyers, the better job we can do in reaching them and winning their business. While many studies have been done showing that today’s consumers have very high expectations for brands, recent studies have shown that B2B buyers are becoming just as discerning, if not more so.  As marketers, we need to step up our game and work smarter to understand our buyers if we want win and keep their business. Below, we’ve highlighted some recent … [Read more...]

Socedo’s New Lead Discovery System Finds More Leads Faster


For the last two months, our engineering team has been hard at work rebuilding the architecture behind our lead discovery and engagement system. With our new architecture, built on ElasticSearch, the gold standard search and analysis technology that powers Facebook, Salesforce, Netflix, and many others, Socedo will be able to find better leads for our customers faster than ever before. What’s Changed with Our Lead Discovery System Since our creation, Socedo has been powered by a homegrown … [Read more...]

The Abuse of Automated Direct Messages (and How to Avoid It)


This article was originally published on the Salesforce Blog on August 25, 2016. The automated direct message horror stories are as sad (or funny, depending on your sense of humor) as they are common. Remember Microsoft’s Tay, an AI teenage chatbot designed to learn from the people “she” was talking to? Like any good kid, she began parroting those Twitter users she was around the most — turning her into a racist, anti-Semitic, and misogynistic jerk. Or remember the blogger … [Read more...]

5 Easy Ways to Bring the Fun Back to B2B Social Media

Baby lion

This is a guest post from Roxanne Roark from Heroic Search. When I first started out in social media marketing, my first client was an industrial electronics repair facility. Since there were no expectations, really, of what brands should or shouldn’t do on social media at that time, it was a time of experimentation for everyone. The brand was already as un-sexy as you could get, (do you even know what industrial electronics are? I didn’t either. Check out this link for an example.) being … [Read more...]

Why Twitter Direct Messages Outperform Marketing Emails


This article was originally posted on Nobody likes spam. It’s gotten so bad that the Federal Trade Commission requires companies to allow consumers to unsubscribe from bulk mailings. They  even established a Do Not Call registry to keep telemarketers at bay. Why, then, do marketers keep spamming away? They continue making those cold calls, sending junk mailers, and — most of all — hammering inboxes with inauthentic emails. These days, many customers are also on Twitter, a … [Read more...]