The Key to Keywords in Marketing

Grabbing attention online is not as easy as people might think, especially when you need to stand out to potential prospects. The chances of someone stumbling onto your site accidentaly is not likely and the competition on the internet keeps on increasing, so what do you do to make your business stand out? Finding the right keywords for your business to strategize on will help align content with user behavior, campaigns with target audiences. Keywords connect and build a relationship between … [Read more...]

Justworks Closes Sales From Social, Combining Socedo & CRM

Justworks is an easy and affordable platform for businesses to manage payroll and benefits for their employees, freeing them to invest their time in what matters: growing their business. Andrew Froning works in business development at Justworks and has been using Twitter for a while to connect with his target audience. Even though he gained a couple of good interactions while working Twitter manually, he heard that Socedo could be an opportunity to scale his efforts. “One of our biggest … [Read more...]

Visually Achieved Scalable Outreach and 38% CTR with Socedo

Last week, Socedo hosted a webinar about creating meaningful trust on social media by connecting with the right prospects, asking the right questions, and keeping CTAs clear and consistent. Whether a Twitter DM is the beginning of a long conversation, an offer to download content, or an opportunity to collaborate with your brand, social media can create personal, one-to-one engagement, on a large scale. Elliott Brown is an experienced marketer at Visually, a cloud-based collaboration platform … [Read more...]

Tips Towards Success as a Customer of Socedo

You’ve tested Socedo’s 14-day free trial. You’ve seen great results, and you’re ready to ramp up your account as a new customer of Socedo. Now what? Once you’ve made the decision that investing in Socedo is the best move for your business, we now welcome you as a valuable customer. This is the moment that you are instantly connected to one of our Customer Success Managers, whose responsibility is to make you successful while using our platform. Meet Nate Strong, one of our Customer Success … [Read more...]

2 Concrete Tools to Create Trust: Webinar Recap

Chad Littlefield is one of the co-founders of We!, a company that focuses on customizing experiential training and development programs for their clients. His main passion and energy has been concentrated on connecting with people, which he speaks about in his TEDx talks. As a professional speaker, he often tries out new tools that can connect people to people. Chad heard about Socedo and decided to test it out for himself. Once he saw the results, he knew that an automated platform for … [Read more...]

How Any Business Can Utilize Valentines Day Marketing


Guest post by Scott Lipow  The holiday season is officially over and the New Year is in full swing.  Consumers are patiently anticipating (or dreading) the next holiday.  That’s right, Valentine’s Day is only one month away.   Your company can find creative ways to incorporate the romantic holiday into your marketing strategy. Think outside of the box.  Car service and Valentine’s Day don’t naturally go hand in hand, but Uber went above and beyond to craft a clever and creative marketing … [Read more...]

Inside Sales Team Uses Lead Scoring and Nurturing with Socedo

Inside Sales Team is a full-service Sales and Marketing firm that helps businesses manage inbound leads, make a qualified first sales impression, and improve the lifetime value of customers. They’ve been using Socedo for almost a year to bridge the gap between social media management tools and marketing and sales automation software. Hussam Almukhtar, Director of Digital Marketing, was eager to share the success they’ve found with the Socedo platform. Hussam and the team knew that business … [Read more...]

Socedo Integrates with HubSpot: Nurture Your Leads

Capture every lead, and take full control of your marketing pipeline. To provide end-to-end demand generation using social data, Socedo provides additional lead data beyond Twitter profiles, including email address, company, job title, LinkedIn URL, and more. You can use this data to send emails to your unconverted leads, nurture them with relevant content, or follow up with your most qualified leads right away. Socedo can provide this data as a CSV export to upload into the marketing or … [Read more...]

NextGenJustice Uses Socedo Resources to Increase Conversions


We at Socedo try our best to give our customers knowledge base resources in order to provide the best practices towards success within and outside our platform. Derek Distenfield is the co-founder of NextGenJustice, a tribe of Legal Soluti ons Managers that can help businesses and individuals with legal documents, and he decided to use Socedo to help build traffic towards their website. Though Derek was pleased with the platform and the traffic Socedo generated, the team started to notice … [Read more...]

How 140 Characters Can Stand Out on Twitter


We’ve heard the news, and we’re curious too! Rumor has it that Twitter is building a new feature that will allow users to expand their tweets from 140 characters to 10,000 characters. It’s similar to the feature that the company has done in their direct messages. Even though Twitter may soon let users post longer messages, the display of 140 characters will still appear on your timeline, with a clickable option to let you “see more,” if a user decides to actually use 10,000 … [Read more...]