Repurpose Your Existing Content to Drive New Traffic and Convert More Leads


Like many other companies that take an inbound approach to marketing, we at Socedo are very focused on creating new pieces of educational content on our website on a regularly basis. Our goals for content marketing at Socedo are the same ones that most B2B marketers have: developing relevant content for our audience consistently, making sure that our content reaches everyone who finds it valuable, and making sure that our content helps us get high quality sales leads. According to … [Read more...]

Socedo Study: Socially Engaged Leads Move 25% Faster & Convert 22% Higher

Social Leads

Since the beginning of Socedo, we’ve built our company on the back of our own platform. Through Socedo, we can target people based on real-time social behaviors that indicate buyer interest. We’ve consistently found that Socedo-sourced leads close at a higher rate than leads from other sources. While it’s good to know that Socedo leads close at a higher rate, the more valuable question to answer is this: does social media engagement help leads move faster through the buying cycle and convert … [Read more...]

Connect with Your Customers Through Emotional Marketing


This is a guest post by Juan Pablo, Marketing Manager at Lander. Nowadays, customers are bombarded with marketing messages and offers. If you want to turn prospects into customers and loyal users, you need establish a positive emotional bond with them through every touch point.   In an analysis of the IPA dataBANK, which contains 1,400 case studies of successful advertising campaigns, campaigns with purely emotional content performed about twice as well (31% vs. 16%) as those with only … [Read more...]

What to Look for in a Marketing Stack [A Webinar]


In the era of digital marketing, strategies are often inseparable from the tools we use to execute them. Our retargeting campaign is an AdRoll campaign. Our A/B testing strategy is an Optimizely strategy. Our lead scoring model is a Lattice Engines model. Our MQL list is a Marketo list. To manage this ecosystem, most businesses have an entire department dubbed Marketing Operations. Still, this level of investment can be simultaneously exciting and overwhelming. With so many tools, platforms, … [Read more...]

10 Things we DIDN’T Learn at the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit


Failure is bad. Nope. Alison Levine, author of On the Edge, has scaled the highest peak on every continent. The first time she attempted Everest, she had to turn around right before reaching the summit. Instead of being discouraged, she was motivated by how far she had gone and even tried again eight years later with a better understanding of her own limits. As marketers, even failed campaigns should give us insights into who our customers are and what they want. Lead scoring is … [Read more...]

Webinar Recap: Finding the Right Tools to Use for Social Selling w/Shane Gibson


While most businesses today have a social media presence, a majority of businesses are still challenged with how to use social media to drum up new business and generate revenue. In the B2B world, many buyers are skeptical of what salespeople have to say. They don’t want to talk to a sales person until they’ve done a good amount of research on their own and have come up with their criteria. This research phase can take weeks or months. In light of this reality, selling using social media … [Read more...]

Webinar Recap: How to Create the Perfect Landing Page for Your Offer


Ever wonder why you may be having a low conversion rate on your landing page? Do you ever feel like you have a great offer but people just aren’t taking action? If you’re thinking about these questions, we want to help. In our last webinar CEO Krishna Shastry and Marketing Manager Juan Pablo of LanderApp, joined Adam Hutchinson, our demand generation manager to discuss the best practices for how to build an effective landing page. To make the advice real, they also critiqued several … [Read more...]

How to Fill Your Sales Funnel Without Promoting Any Content


Many of our customers use Socedo to promote their content to prospects. However, you may not have realized that there are other effective ways to use Socedo to create demand. We understand that as a B2B marketer you need quality content to attract the attention and earn the trust of your customers. But producing content takes time and effort. It can feel particularly challenging for startups who lack budget and manpower.  Many marketers have asked us: “if I don’t have any content to promote, … [Read more...]

Why Social Outreach and Demand Gen Go Hand in Hand


The marketing world is constantly evolving and becoming more digital and social. This means that the methods for generating leads are changing too. These days, there’s a lot more you can do to generate leads than simply publishing content and hoping people click on your links. When it comes to lead gen, we’ve found that “proactive social outreach” is one of the best ways to attract the attention of potential customers and turn them into qualified leads. Take FULL Advantage of Social Twitter … [Read more...]

Use Socedo Tasks to Improve Your Social Demand Gen Campaign


Our mission at Socedo is to help you discover, engage with, and qualify prospects through social, at scale. To achieve success with Socedo, just like any other demand gen initiative, you want to take a test-and-learn approach. Our best customers are the ones who take the time to develop their criteria keywords and test multiple messages/offers. In addition, they make it a habit to log into their accounts regularly to learn from their results and make adjustments to their campaigns. We want … [Read more...]