The Marketing Paradox: More Automation Can Equal More Personalization


Communications, especially marketing communications, are thought of as a virtual megaphone for your brand. You want to spread your brand recognition far and wide. But marketing messages are not one-size-fits-all. Different audiences look for different solutions. So do you broadcast your message and hope that your target audience will find value in it, or do you create targeted communications with a select few and hope that your conversion rate is high? Socedo is built to help our customers … [Read more...]

How Joynture used Socedo to Rocket Growth Potential


The Mission Joynture provides co-working spaces for startups, freelancers and consultants in the Financial District of New York City. When their community manager, Michelle Bonavitacola, came to us to start an account, she was skeptical at best. She wasn’t a huge Twitter user herself, and was unconvinced that Socedo could possibly bring in any leads for Joynture, let alone any of value. We were all too happy to prove Bonavitacola wrong.   The Countdown Because Joynture’s … [Read more...]

5 Step Strategy to Increase Marketing ROI Using Twitter and LinkedIn

5 Step Strategy

Guest post by Tony Lael. B2B social media marketing has its doubters, but I hope after reading this outline for a simple and proven strategy to use Socedo for Twitter and LinkedIn, you will feel confident and ready to build a community of your own from which sales will naturally flow. You should know I believe social media showcases an extension of our own personalities. For B2B companies, social media pages should show off your brand’s personality to effectively develop relationships with … [Read more...]

How to Create Word-of-Mouth Marketing Campaigns in the Digital World

Word of mouth

There's no doubt that over the past decade, the traditional definition of marketing has changed. We now live in a world of viral trends that spread rapidly throughout social media, creating buzz to generate word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM) that helps organizations stay relevant in the eyes of their audience. Although some products are best publicized and promoted through old-school marketing methods like direct mail and print ads, digital word-of-mouth marketing has set a new norm to … [Read more...]

Digital Content and PR: What’s the Difference?

Public Relations

Digital content marketing has evolved into one of the most popular forms of communication globally, confounding marketers and enabling SEOs everywhere. But little do people know that this has also slowly blurred the lines between marketing and the uses of public relations. Marketing vs. Public Relations Leaders in content marketing know that social media is essential to expanding their audience, but the potential for marketers extends far beyond follower stats. PR via social media can play an … [Read more...]

10 Things I Learned from One Month at a Startup (so far)

1 Month Arijana

Greeting from the Socedo offices! I am Arijana, the new office manager here. In the span of only one month with the company, I’ve learned about everything from penguins to social media and the startup life. Here are the top ten things I’ve learned in one month at Socedo: These people love ping-pong.  The middle of our office houses a ping pong table and my coworkers take the games very seriously. The best players have ping-pong nicknames as well (I am still working on that). We work hard, … [Read more...]

7 Things Most People Don’t Do on LinkedIn but Should

LinkedIn BP

Guest Post by Isabel Wiliams. It's safe to say that LinkedIn is the largest and most significant professional social network out there. For the past 5 years, people who are serious about their careers found it necessary to create a profile on LinkedIn. Not all are aware that this isn't the end of story. For your LinkedIn account to truly benefit your career, you need to have a great profile, but also actively participate in network group discussions and use its various functionalities like … [Read more...]

New Feature: Upload and Nurture Leads through Socedo

Upload Feature BP

A sales or marketing funnel always has some holes – most leads drop out before they convert. However, that doesn’t mean they’re gone forever. The key is to have backup plans to help catch the leads that fall through the funnel. Why do they fall through? It may be that your product is useful, but the timing isn’t right. The lead may have forgotten your company’s name or forgotten your value proposition (as strong as it was). They may not have had the budget for it. Whatever the reason, things … [Read more...]

SEO Keywords: Find your Unicorn


Okay, first and foremost: unicorns don’t exist. There is no golden list of SEO keywords that will open your funnel to the exact leads you want to attract forever and ever. This is the internet. Things change. If you don’t have a team of SEO experts waiting to show you a database full of keywords and phrases to implement, have no fear. We’ll show you how to quickly and effectively plan and build a list of keywords that you can evolve to match the changes in your business and … [Read more...]

How to Pull Off Remarketing Without Being Annoying

Pull Off remarketing

Remarketing is a buzzword that’s getting tossed around a lot lately, mostly because it seems to work. Marketers have always wanted a more effective way to back in touch with leads who have gone dark and remarketing seems to be the solution. Think about it: If someone goes to the Nordstrom website and looks at a pair of shoes, many times they might decide to wait to purchase them. But having an ad for those specific shoes pop up on that person’s Facebook newsfeed can sometimes be just the … [Read more...]