9 Ways to Gussy Up Your Content


Guest post by Julie Ellis Trying to maintain your content marketing efforts takes lots of time, especially coming up with new topic ideas. Finally, you hit the wall. There is just nothing coming to you and your schedule of posting/publishing is in serious trouble. It’s time to learn the definition of re-purposing – taking older content that did well (or not) and turning it into something else; something better. Review Those Old Posts Some may have been pretty good, but for some reason … [Read more...]

This Blog is About How Brainlabs Caught Our Attention


HEY YOU! YEAH YOU!  Did I catch your attention? Well if I did, then I hope I sparked some curiosity into what this blog may be about, which is, surprisingly about how to grab YOUR attention. Not grabbing attention on just anything, but on grabbing the attention of your potential customers and drawing them towards your business through desire and creativity. A great example of a company that knows all about retargeting and having an effective call to action is a London based PPC Agency … [Read more...]

Branch Metrics uses Socedo to Magnify their Social Strategy

Branch Metrics

Based out of Palo Alto, Branch Metrics is an industry leader in providing deep linking technology for mobile app developers. Their partners include Pinterest, iHeart Radio, Instacart, Flipboard, Microsoft, and Redfin. Branch Metrics started using Socedo to attract app developers to their main Twitter handle. They chose Socedo's platform because it facilitates real and organic conversations between Branch and the people they want to reach. After seeing the growth on followers and leads for the … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Email Strategy Guide for your Data Export


Last week, our team proudly announced a new Socedo feature: the Organic Lead Export. This new data export finds warm leads who interact with your handle by mentioning, retweeting, replying to or following your handle on Twitter, and downloads over 50 available data points on each lead. Rather than buying email for “targeted” leads with no context or relationship, you can now download a list of email addresses along with enough data points to help guide your communications and sales … [Read more...]

How to Build Community and Leads Through Twitter


Twitter has proven to be one of the top social media channels used to promote, share and market for businesses. But the big question is, HOW can you use Twitter to its full capacity? I’m here to help you out, and there are two paths you can go down here: Organically This takes a lot of work, but it’s totally doable. Building a community and attracting leads organically takes time, research and dedication, but if you focus on your goals you will be successful. Automated To be clear: … [Read more...]

Socedo’s New Organic Lead Export Turns Interactions into Leads

Organic Lead Export

A client recently stated that when she asked a customer where he heard of her, he said, “Oh, I’ve been following you on Twitter for years.” As much as some people would appreciate the loyalty, having someone follow you on Twitter for two years before converting is an incredibly inefficient sales cycle. Socedo is changing that with our new Organic Lead Export. All Interactions are Leads Every person who interacts with your brand should be considered a marketing or sales lead. Companies may … [Read more...]

How to Increase Your Email Conversion Rate

How to Increase Email Conversions

Guest Blog Post by Charles Dearing Email marketing is one of the best ways to increase your sales and engagement, when used correctly. It’s the oldest source of online communication, which has a considerable amount of importance, personalization and formality coming with it, compared to other means of communication. Given this, every person receives a ton of emails every day from hundreds of companies, which can be annoying to say the least. To get results, your email has to stand out from … [Read more...]

Socedo’s Guide to Inbound Marketing Part 4: Landing Pages


Creating an effective landing page is hard. A landing page, especially one used for a paid or targeted campaign, is where people come when there’s a problem they need to solve. They do not know you, so this is an introduction of who you are as a brand and the value you offer. A landing page is an all-inclusive conversion experience. The first step to creating a great landing page is understanding the difference between a landing page and a homepage. Each page brings a different type of … [Read more...]

How to Recruit Great Employees on Social Media

Recruiting on Social Media

Guest post by Simone Smith Using social media as a recruitment tool seems like an unorthodox idea, but it’s becoming increasingly more common. It’s essentially free advertisement, and you’ll reach more people than you would through traditional recruitment methods. Building your employer brand has both similarities and differences to normal business social media platforms, but they’re both straightforward: Once you set your strategy, you’ll recruitment an easier process than you were … [Read more...]

3 Social Media Automation Rules to Live By

3 SMA Rules to live by

Guest Post by Michael Janowski Take a look at your Twitter inbox. How many message threads are currently sitting dormant in it? How many of those messages can you point to and positively identify as having been generated and sent to you automatically? How can you tell? Maybe they start with, “thanks for the follow.” Maybe they fail to address you by name (or say it twice in a row). Perhaps they don't make enough of an effort to probe you for information and get to know you as a consumer or … [Read more...]