How Slope Generated 1055 Followers and 87 Signups in 1 Month Using Socedo

Guest post by Brian Bosche, CEO and Co-Founder of Slope. Brian was previously at Bizdom, a Detroit-based startup accelerator, and in the original class of Venture for America Fellows. Slope makes it easy for marketing and creative teams to manage video projects. Before launching the private beta, Slope’s goal was to establish an audience with video marketers and generate signups. Because this target audience is so active on Twitter, Slope used Socedo to discover video marketers, and to … [Read more...]

How To Maximize Your Results with Socedo Managed Services

As a marketing automation platform, we’re constantly looking for ways that the Socedo platform can make your life easier, but our team can help you out with some of the manual processes as well. Socedo offers a Managed Services solution for the day-to-day approvals and unfollows on your account. Let us manage the routine activities of your social media lead generation, so you can focus on targeting the most relevant prospects and engaging with the highest quality leads. Our Role Daily … [Read more...]

When Online Conversations Become In-Person Meetings

Guest post written by Romi Mahajan, President/Founder of KKM Group and Board Member of Socedo. Just coming off of Interop, the amazing IT community conference and tradeshow, I got to thinking about the power of Socedo as it relates to the physical event space.  Events are made or broken by the quality of the people in attendance, speaking, sponsoring, and exhibiting and their propensity to connect, teach and learn, and transact. Of course most events are “democratic” in the sense that … [Read more...]

The Who’s Who of Social Media Tools

Socedo is excited to be a silver sponsor of Social Tools Summit this year, but we’re even more excited about the rad new tools in the world of social media marketing. Some of the names from #SocialTools15 are familiar ones, including Oktopost, Simply Measured, and Traackr, but there are a few new hot shots you need to know about. These are just a few highlighted at the Social Tools Summit. No tool or platform is the end-all, be-all answer to social media marketing, but the right tools … [Read more...]

Humans and Their Unstructured Data: What to Do?

Human beings are messy—not physically messy (necessarily), but they leave behind a trail of messy data. We don’t navigate websites in a logical order; we type whatever we want into search engines; and use colloquial terms or inside jokes in our profiles. “Qualitative feedback” is every customer service representative’s worst nightmare. And those darn self-reported fields on forms, like “referral source,” are always full of junk. As marketers, though, we have to take a deep breath and dive into … [Read more...]

7 Examples of Small Business Tweets That Create Demand

It’s National Small Business Week (#SBW2015), and we’re proud to have many small business customers grow their customer base with Socedo. Did you know that “finding new customers” is the number one concern among small business owners, with 66% listing it as a priority? We know how valuable social media lead generation can be for the small business, but social media can still be a daunting place to try to cut through the noise. Creativity is key, and Small Business Week offers an opportunity … [Read more...]

New Enhanced Data in Socedo Prospect Profiles

Marketers using Twitter for lead generation know the inherent challenge: while it can be easy to find prospects having the right conversations, leads can still be unknown and practically anonymous. As a primarily social site, Twitter users may not list their job titles or company in their bios. Their names are occasionally a username, rather than their real name, and their pictures may be a funny image of their favorite pet, actor, or Internet meme. The challenge, though, is that these … [Read more...]

5 Similarities Between Email and Social Media

Although social media has higher returns than email and the preferred method of communication for most customers, the two are not mutually exclusive. In fact, email marketing and social media marketing have similar tactics, goals, and use cases, and by using the two together, you can take your demand generation and lead nurturing to the next level. 1. Click-Through Rate Reigns Supreme While conversion rate on the landing page might be your ultimate goal and give you overall ROI, CTR is the … [Read more...]

How To Navigate The Waters of Demand Marketing [Infographic]

From  digital content to PR to social media, demand generation can take your marketing efforts in many different directions. However, every tactic has its own unique value in your marketing playbook, and knowing how these demand channels work together can amplify your strategy. This infogaphic by Onboardly breaks down demand marketing into three channels and explains that, like the parts of a ship, together they can carry your business in the right direction: towards your customers. Our … [Read more...]

Extracting Value from Chaos

Guest post written by Romi Mahajan, President/Founder of KKM Group and Board Member of Socedo. Two truisms abound in the world of marketing today—first that social media is a necessary part of most marketing strategies, and second that chaos persists and dominates social networks and socially-oriented sites.  Some refer to this as a high noise: signal ratio and others say “garbage in, garbage out.”  Still others call social networks and social media sites “cluttered.”  The words change but … [Read more...]