7 Marketing Leaders Share Insight on How Social Grows Their Business


Social media has fundamentally changed the way brands communicate and has enabled marketers and salespeople to interact directly with prospects at every stage of the buyer journey. Modern marketers are viewing social as the marketing channel that has the greatest ability to impact both brand and demand. Social media as a marketing function has continued to grow. According to Simply Measured’s 2016 State of Social Media Marketing Report, Social Marketing is 10.6% of total marketing budget, … [Read more...]

How We Use Social to Drive Conference Leads


Conferences, trade shows, and other industry events are a demand generation goldmine, not just because your best prospects are all in the same room at the same time, but because conferences create conversations, with thousands of people talking about relevant topics on social media. So what’s the secret weapon to extract the most value from all the social chatter? The answer is the hashtag. Oh, the conference hashtag…it’s much more than just a way to be part of the buzz or to feature … [Read more...]

What ‘Deadliest Catch’ Taught Me About Lead Generation and Nurturing


Guest post by VP of Client Experience, Alyssa Patzius from Influence & Co. Setting up a lead generation plan for your content marketing is well-intentioned and fairly straightforward: You create content to generate interest, capture information, and fuel sales. But when 85 percent of B2B marketers strive for lead gen and only 21 percent of those leads convert into sales, we’ve got a problem. This might be my unwavering devotion to “Deadliest Catch” talking — every Tuesday night, baby — … [Read more...]

How the Socedo Marketing Team Got Started with Lead Nurturing


As a marketer in a fast-growing business, you’ve got a lot on your plate. You need to create compelling content to attract new leads. You need to distribute your content through different channels. You’ve got to maintain your website presence and social media presence, and measure how your programs are performing. The list goes on. At Socedo, we work with a lot of marketers who are on small teams where they’ve got to do it all. In such an environment, it’s hard to find the time to take on new … [Read more...]

Make Social Media an ROI Positive Channel for Your Business


At this point, a vast majority of B2B marketing organizations have invested in social media in some way or form. Yet, 70% of companies do not know the ROI from social media. The biggest reason for this problem is that when it comes to social media, most B2B marketers are still using a playbook developed by and designed for B2C businesses. Consumer brands first jumped into social media when they saw the opportunity to use this channel to build their persona. They used a broadcast approach … [Read more...]

Use Twitter Keywords and Hashtags to Find Niche Audiences for Your Business

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With several hundred million active users, finding leads on Twitter can seem like a daunting task. But your perfect leads are out there. Our customers have collectively found millions of solid prospects, including audience in many niches. The only thing between you and your target prospects on Twitter  is effective criteria. Here are some best practices to get you going on finding large (and relevant!) groups of prospects to engage with. Bio Keywords The first step to effective Twitter … [Read more...]

Do You Need to Re-Think Your Approach to CRO?

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Guest post by Rohan Ayyar  If you believed all the CRO posts you saw, and took them at face value, you’d think CRO was all you needed. Just look at marketers tweaking their landing pages and getting 1000% increases in conversions! Like any tool, though, CRO doesn’t work in isolation and it has to be used right to get the right results. So if you’re doing CRO and it’s not paying off for you, maybe you’re falling into one of these CRO traps? It’s not about your landing page Your landing page … [Read more...]

Develop a Twitter Strategy to Win More Leads


As a social media marketer trying to grow your company’s Twitter presence. You’re probably wondering if there’s a particular strategy you need to implement to get more qualified leads from this specific channel. Since I’ve managed Socedo’s social media presence – Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook – for the past year, I’ve discovered that the time I spend each day sharing content, replying to mentions and Direct Messages, plus retweeting others’ content, contributes a significant portion of new … [Read more...]

How the Socedo Marketing Team Comes Up with Marketing Goals


As a fast-growing startup, goal-setting is something we revisit every month. Knowing that goal setting is a challenge for every marketing organization, we’ve opened up the kimono in a recent Socedo University webinar and shared how our marketing team sets goals. Below are the key topics discussed. What’s marketing’s primary job? What’s the north star for the marketing team at Socedo? Aseem Badshah (CEO and acting Head of Marketing): Marketing’s number one job is to provide the fuel for … [Read more...]

Why Social Media is a Weapon in Your Demand Generation Arsenal


Recently, I’ve noticed that demand generation teams and social media teams within B2B marketing organizations operate very differently. For instance, demand generation teams rely on data to inform all of their programs. They use data to create targeted ads, send emails, improve their website, create content and plan for events. They understand the importance of segmentation and personalized communications. Demand generation programs are evaluated based on the number leads they generate and … [Read more...]