Socedo to Release a New and Streamlined Campaign Management Experience


We are starting off 2017 by giving you a more streamlined experience for setting up, managing and reporting on your Socedo campaigns. Starting sometime next week, you’ll see a new user interface when you sign into Socedo. Here's a preview of what you can expect. A new workflow for setting up a campaign We’ve redesigned and simplified the process for setting up a new campaign. When you start to create a new campaign, you’ll notice links to articles to help you answer questions along … [Read more...]

How We Empowered Our SDR Team to Score Appointments and Get Sales-Ready Leads


Why Socedo Built an SDR Team Until August of this year, Socedo did not have a SDR (Sale Development Reps) team. We just had a team of Account Executives (AEs) who focused on closing Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) within 30 days. We knew that our AEs were great at closing leads who have requested a trial of Socedo or more information about pricing. These leads had already shown intent to buy when they were passed to a sales rep. Between March and July this year, we made a lot of changes … [Read more...]

Lead Management That Helped Our SDR Team 4X Their Appointments


About five or six months ago, our company reached an inflection point in our journey and faced an interesting challenge: Marketing had started to pass to our sales team a lot more leads but our sales team (Account Executives) had a low close rate on these leads.   As we had previously blogged, we decided to hire an SDR team to bridge the gap between the increasing volume of MQLs marketing was generating and sales-ready leads our AEs needed to fill their pipelines. Below, we’ll share our … [Read more...]

4 Talking Points to Squash the Beef Between Sales and Marketing


Note: This article was originally published on the Salesforce Blog. No one wants to clash with her co-workers, but conflict inevitably has a way of happening. This is particularly true in the middle of the sales funnel, where marketing teams overlap and intersect with sales teams. Much of this tension stems from disparate goals. Marketers tend to play the numbers game, working diligently to drum up as many leads as possible. Salespeople are more focused on generating revenue, spending time … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Up Your Lead-Gen Game with Video


This is a guest post by Eric Hinson.  If you’re like most marketers, you have a really hard time driving leads into your funnel. You’re either struggling to convert enough leads - or you’ve got plenty of them, but the vast majority are nowhere near qualified. This is a problem, right? In order for your funnel to work its magic, you’ve got to generate more - and more qualified - leads. There are plenty of tested strategies for better lead generation out there. And one of the best … [Read more...]

11 Ways SEO is Changing in 2016 and Beyond

Coffee Cafe Calm Chill Beverage Resting Enjoy Concept

Guest post from Keith Randolph Search engine optimization has been a massive focus for online website and businesses since the dawn of websites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. As these platforms continue to evolve, the rules that govern how and why websites rank above others are constantly changing. Every algorithm update from Google sends ripples through the SEO industry. Today we’re going to look at 11 different ways that SEO is changing. These trends will define how websites seek to rank … [Read more...]

5 Social Media Marketing Tricks to Finally Reach B2B Buyers


This post was originally published on December 8th on Social Media Explorer A recent study by Demand Gen Report shows 73 percent of B2B buyers have less time to devote to research than they did a year ago. Considering the breakneck pace of the business world, it’s not exactly a surprise. Many of these same buyers tend to favor companies that demonstrate “a stronger knowledge of our company and its needs,” Demand Gen Report noted in another study. Buyers would love to research and find the … [Read more...]

What is Behavioral Social Data and How It Solves the Lead Quality Challenge


Does your sales team complain to you that your leads stink? Do your sales reps cherry-pick from the leads you send because they assume that most marketing leads will not close? Heading into 2017, lead quality remains the number one challenge in the B2B marketing space. In fact, industry research shows that in an average B2B marketing database, 75 % to 95% of the leads are dormant and only 3% of your market is actively buying. So, how do you find those 3% of the market that’s in an active … [Read more...]

How to Create a Preeminent Content Strategy For Killer Results


Guest post from Malia Keirsey Content marketing is effective. It draws in viewers, develops your brand, engages with an audience, and generates sales. By providing great content, you get your audience to not just see you as a marketer, but as someone who’s there to help. Engaging with and developing  relationships with the people who visit your site not only allows you to expand your audience, it will also lead to far higher conversion rates than businesses that don’t. However, not all … [Read more...]

Conquer Email Marketing Like a Boss: How We Triggered Real-Time Emails from #ContentMarketing


Like many B2B marketers, our marketing team has found that the vast majority of leads in our database just do not open our emails. Despite our best effort to nurture these leads, most of them remain silent because they are simply not in a buying cycle and won’t be entering one for a while. Yet, without a steady increase in the number of engaged prospects month-over-month, we simply cannot achieve our revenue target. Since this August, our team has been experimenting with a new approach to … [Read more...]