Webinar Recap: How to Create the Perfect Landing Page for Your Offer


Ever wonder why you may be having a low conversion rate on your landing page? Do you ever feel like you have a great offer but people just aren’t taking action? If you’re thinking about these questions, we want to help. In our last webinar CEO Krishna Shastry and Marketing Manager Juan Pablo of LanderApp, joined Adam Hutchinson, our demand generation manager to discuss the best practices for how to build an effective landing page. To make the advice real, they also critiqued several … [Read more...]

How to Fill Your Sales Funnel Without Promoting Any Content


Many of our customers use Socedo to promote their content to prospects. However, you may not have realized that there are other effective ways to use Socedo to create demand. We understand that as a B2B marketer you need quality content to attract the attention and earn the trust of your customers. But producing content takes time and effort. It can feel particularly challenging for startups who lack budget and manpower.  Many marketers have asked us: “if I don’t have any content to promote, … [Read more...]

Why Social Outreach and Demand Gen Go Hand in Hand


The marketing world is constantly evolving and becoming more digital and social. This means that the methods for generating leads are changing too. These days, there’s a lot more you can do to generate leads than simply publishing content and hoping people click on your links. When it comes to lead gen, we’ve found that “proactive social outreach” is one of the best ways to attract the attention of potential customers and turn them into qualified leads. Take FULL Advantage of Social Twitter … [Read more...]

Use Socedo Tasks to Improve Your Social Demand Gen Campaign


Our mission at Socedo is to help you discover, engage with, and qualify prospects through social, at scale. To achieve success with Socedo, just like any other demand gen initiative, you want to take a test-and-learn approach. Our best customers are the ones who take the time to develop their criteria keywords and test multiple messages/offers. In addition, they make it a habit to log into their accounts regularly to learn from their results and make adjustments to their campaigns. We want … [Read more...]

Fatstax Uses Socedo to Find and Close Enterprise Deals


Since the iPad rollout in 2010, Fatstax has been helping companies create customized sales applications for mobile devices. Fatstax’ mobile sales tools and training apps empowers sales people in the field to quickly access product information, pricing and other collateral on-the-go. Rusty Bishop, co-founder of Fatstax, uses Socedo to build up a relevant and engaged audience of sales and marketing professionals on Twitter. These professionals gain initial awareness of Fatstax through Socedo. … [Read more...]

Learn about Your Competitors Through Their Social Media Links


This is a guest post by Taylor Ripp. Taylor Ripp is the Business Development Manager for Geniuslink. Geniuslink empowers digital marketers through intelligent links with unrivaled capabilities to turn clicks into conversions. These days, links (also known as URLs), are involved in just about any kind of social media marketing. You can pick up some valuable intelligence about the marketing practices of your competitors just by knowing the right ways to look at their publicly displayed URLs on … [Read more...]

An Overview of Onboarding Success with Socedo


We’re pleased to share that we’ve designed a new onboarding experience to help our customers achieve long-term success. As a Socedo customer, you’ll work with a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will guide you through your Socedo implementation and be a B2B marketing resource for you. This person will spend time with you to understand your business goals, and help you develop strategies and tactics for achieving those goals using Socedo. In addition, he or she will keep you posted about … [Read more...]

A Workshop for Lead Nurturing: Webinar Recap

Many Socedo users have asked us this question: what can I do to follow up with my Socedo leads to warm them up and increase conversions?  In this week’s webinar, we shared 10 lead nurturing hacks that have proven to be successful within our company. Without further adieu, here are 10 lead nurturing hacks courtesy of Socedo! 1 Be Real Be sure to send all communication from a real employee within your company! We found that when we started emailing our leads from employees that leads had … [Read more...]

Effective Lead Nurturing Equals Faster Conversions

Lead Nurturing

When it comes to nurturing, marketers need to understand that it’s way more complex than sending email blasts on a weekly basis. Nurturing should have a purpose, followed by a clear process, in order to be successful within your marketing strategy. It’s one thing to have a great marketing campaign, but if you aren’t converting your leads into opportunities, then you’re losing money and valuable time. Nurturing leads is all about building a relationship with your potential buyers across … [Read more...]

8 Easy Steps to Take Your Website From No Traffic to Non Stop Visitors


Guest post from Corianne Burton from N2Q Consulting So, you have a website and - you’re proud to say - it’s a sharp one. Now what? Although it would be great if they did, visits don’t always just start rolling in on their own. Oftentimes, it takes strategic planning and careful attention to get the ball rolling at the speed you’d like. Many of these efforts and checkpoints you can implement right away, on your own. Some of these foundational tactics take a bit longer to see a return on, … [Read more...]